Founded in 1882, The South Canterbury Hunt is privileged to be able to hunt properties within the South & Mid Canterbury districts ranging from the Ashburton River in the north to the Pareora River in the south and inland to the Mackenzie Basin.

The South Canterbury Hunt caters for all who like to ride in open country; from those who enjoy the thrill of the chase to those who like to ride over farmland. Hunting is a thrilling sport and a privilege for which we are indebted to the landowners who allow us on their properties.

The South Canterbury Hunt maintains a pack of approximately 35 harrier hounds. There is a hunt or ‘meet’ once or twice a week during the season, which extends from March to mid July.

Riders gather with their horses at a farmer’s property and ride across the country at the direction of the master, following the huntsman and hounds.

Visiting riders are welcome to join us. Hunt etiquette is that visitors must obtain permission from the master before hunt day. Visitors should be introduced to the master and should find the field secretary to pay their capping fee; if not already paid online.

Often the country to be hunted is prepared beforehand with spars (rails) or close battens on wire fences likely to be jumped. Riders may also wish to jump their horses over unprepared wire (full wire) fences at their own judgment.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​At the conclusion of the hunt, when horses are covered, fed and watered, riders generally gather to share an “afternoon tea” and thank the landowners.